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Headphones and sheet music


Classical Composer

Sarah Jo Wood lives in the UK, is a full-time worker and discovered a passion for writing classical music during the 2020 lockdown.
This passion began with the composition of a Christmas carol, which then led to the orchestration of the carol. This then planted the seed to commence writing music for orchestras and piano. 
In 2021, Sarah completed her first full orchestra work, a three-movement suite to depict the Easter story, Easter Triduum. 
After the success of completing Easter Triduum, Sarah embarked upon  a seven-piece suite of piano and orchestra music inspired by the Seven Days of Creation. Now completed, Sarah is looking working on piano solos including Nocturnes and Preludes. 

Please also keep visiting to follow her journey and enjoy her music.  Read about Sarah's future projects and aspirations below.

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